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We can't thank you enough for coaching in our home league.    Being around for almost 60 years we have worked hard to insure that all our children have a happy and enjoyable experience.   The links section on this page will provide you with aids to help you plan your practice sessions.   Any questions or suggestion please send them to [email protected]

A few things to remember:

If you have a problem reach out to your league director for assistance.

Players must play at least 50% of each game.

If there are enough subs no player should play move than 75% of a game.

Before season starts you can practice twice a week.   Once the season starts only 1 night a week. (1 hour max)

Only 1 head coach and 1 assistant allowed on players sideline, no parents are allowed on that sideline.

Belittling or arguing with a home league referee is prohibited  resulting in ejection  from the field.   After the 3rd offense the coach will be removed from the team.

No head ball training allowed

We ask coaches to insure no more than a 5 goal differential at anytime during a game.



Game time:  
10 minute quarters with 3 minutes between each.

Handball,  Tripping,  Pushing
All penalties are indirect.

No turnover on bad throw-ins.

Coaches are permitted on the field for the first 4 weeks of the season during that time you are not permitted inside the 18 of the opposing team.

Majors (Girls  & Boys):

Game time:   
15 minute quarters with 3 minutes between each.

Handball,  Tripping,  Pushing, Offsides
All penalties are indirect.

Turnover on bad throw-ins after 1 attempts .

Goalies are allowed to punt the ball.
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